Allow us to introduce you to some of our amazing animal friends from around the world:

‘Musical’ Cockroaches, ‘spinning’ Silk worms, ‘wrap around’ Giant African Millipedes, ‘freezing’ Walking sticks, ‘stalking’ Tarantulas, ‘glowing’ Scorpions, slithering Snakes, curious Lizards, jumping frogs, and soft and cuddly Salamanders and Newts…can you handle more?

Our birthday parties are both fun-packed and educational offering an abundance of information straight from the experts.

If you have the backbone to host a spineless party for a bunch of kids then you’re invited to bug us! Touching and holding is required. 

Birthday Party Requirements
  • An indoor space for the children to sit on the floor
  • One or two tables to set-up the display
  • While the presenter is setting up for the show, the children must be in another area in order to keep the animals a surprise
  • An area away from the show where adults can interact amongst themselves so as not to disrupt the presenter/children/animals.
  • Children must wash their hands prior to presentation/handling of animals
  • Parking close to the event, so the presenter has ease unpacking and re-packing the animals.
  • If there is only paid parking available, then the cost is added to the birthday party invoice and is the responsibility of the host.
  • In the summertime, the birthday party may be conducted outside, however, that would depend on temperature/humidity and left to the discretion of the presenter.
Fees + Details

This exciting visit is 50 minutes in length for up to 16 children at a cost of $345.00.

For destinations beyond our own perimeter (including surrounding areas such as Markham, Scarborough, Pickering, Ajax, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville, etc.) there is an additional fee of up to $50. Please check our perimeter area in the map below:


A complimentary “science set” is given to the birthday child within which there is a variety of materials every young explorer would need in order to investigate the world of Science, including their very own unique live pet. 

All prices plus HST.

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